A life of confinement

A performance by Ana Crăciun-Lambru , inspired by the true story of Gladys Burr, a woman who spent 42 years of her life inside the Mansfield Training School, in Storrs, Connecticut. Having been committed for intellectual disability, while institutionalized, Gladys struggled to prove her unjust confinement and reclaim her right to a normal life.

Through the use of expressive movement and elements of puppetry, Ana Crăciun-Lambru brings to the stage her vision of the inner world of Gladys' confinement.

Lighting Design by Adam Lobelson


written by Nick Ryan in conjunction with Split Knuckle Theatre

coordinated by Greg Webster and Bart. P. Roccoberton


Split Knuckle Theatre, the Puppet Arts Program and the Connecticut Repertory Theatre joined forces in a production which explored the sensual, dark, and mysterious world of Film Noir, shadow puppetry and jazz music.


Krista Weltner - Shadow Puppet Designer

Ana Crăciun-Lambru - Shadow Master


by Penny Benson, adapted from the poem by Christina Rossetti

directed by Margarita Blush


The creative power of the University of Connecticut’s Puppetry Program brings on stage an adaptation of Christina Rossetti’s entrancingly atmospheric narrative poem Goblin Market.  With actors, imaginative puppetry and surprising theatrics, Goblin Market weaves an enchanting spell.


Penny Benson - Puppet Designer

Ana Crăciun-Lambru - Puppeteer


directed by Harrison Howard Haney


The Puppetmaster of Lodz was written in 1984 by  Gilles Ségal, a French dramatist and mime of Romanian origin.

The year is 1950. The war has been over for five years…or "so they say." Yet, in a secluded basement apartment in Berlin, Germany, tucked away in hiding from the Nazi Party is a Jewish Holocaust survivor, Samuel Finkelbaum.

What happens when denial becomes obsession, obsession becomes delusion and delusion evolves into reality?
Witness the exploration of one man’s journey from madness to acceptance.


Ana Crăciun-Lambru - Concierge


created by Univented Theatre, Zero Gravity Dance and Classic Beat Orchestra


A show which aims to bring closer to the public the blend between classical music with a modern spirit and contemporary Romanian puppetry.


Ana Crăciun-Lambru - Creator and Puppeteer


Directed and Choreographed by Andreea Tanasescu


Exile in the Land of Oblivion is an interdisciplinary show created by the juxtaposition of various forms of art (dance, theater, puppetry and visual arts).

The project, initiated and conducted by Andreea Tanasescu, consists in successions of sound, visual and choreographic experiments based on works by Barbu Fundoianu (Benjamin Fondane), a Jewish Romanian writer, essayist and philosopher who emigrated to France in the first half of the 20th century.


Ana Crăciun-Lambru - Puppeteer and Performer